Our Partners
Our Partners
Africa Scotland Business Network works and collaborates with international strategic partners to drive our business objectives, add even more value for our member companies and create more impact in the world. Our partners include international networks, international event and conferences and government departments.

Asoko Insight is Africa’s leading corporate data and engagement platform, providing global investors, multinationals and development institutions the most effective route to discover, shortlist and engage their target universe of African companies.

Scottish Development International is Scotland’s foreign direct investment agency. Our aim is to encourage more overseas businesses to set up a location here, invest in Scottish businesses or buy Scottish products. We do this by providing information, partnering with businesses and investors who want to set up or invest here, and helping businesses find the connections they need.

GlobalScot is a worldwide network of entrepreneurial and inspirational business leaders, dedicated to supporting Scotland’s most ambitious companies.

Scottish Business Network is an independent international membership organisation for Scottish entrepreneurs and business leaders. We aim to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between this group of talented Scottish companies and a network of the leading Scottish diaspora around the globe.

President’s 1783 Network members say they want to be recognised as a “coalition of the willing”, the solutions-focussed ‘brains trust’ helping Glasgow City Region and its economy to flourish, to raise the profile in the international arena, and to facilitate international trade.

The UK- Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) and Africa Scotland Business Network (ASBN) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cross-promote each other’s organisation for intra African and international trade and relations within Ghana, Scotland and their networks across the world.

Under the MoU, UKGCC and ASBN will also work to ensure increased brand awareness, and leverage it to deliver reputational value and credibility, thus enhancing the value of their brands and those of their internal member companies.

To achieve these objectives, both organisations commit to focus on 5 key shared economies but not limited to Energy, Healthcare, Agriculture, Technology and Training Education

The Scotland Malawi Partnership is the national network coordinating, representing and supporting the many civic links between our two nations. It is estimated that 2.9 million Malawians and 260,000 Scots benefit from these links each year, with 44% of Scots able to name a friend or family member involved. We are delighted to work with the Africa Scotland Business Network in our shared vision of supporting a thriving eco-system of responsible business links between Scotland and Africa, for mutual benefit. We believe Scotland has greatest impact supporting sustainable economic development when business, the third sector, civic society and government work together in construct synergy. Collaboration, civic activism, private enterprise and dignified partnership are at the heart of the 160+ year old friendship between our two small nations.

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