In country knowledge of culture, trends, business procedures, economic and ESG factors have immense value in today’s global economy. Comprehensive, local insights and access to competent local content is vitally important when you’re considering doing business with and investing in Africa. 

With in depth research and the right people by your side, investing and trading with Africa can be highly rewarding and very lucrative. Africa has a burgeoning population, one which is quickly urbanising and digitally connected. The median age of the continent is 19.6 years old therefore if your company has a long-term investment view, Africa is the place to be. 

“The untapped potential, talent and opportunities for commercial development in Africa is tremendous” says Julius Mugabo, director Crested Crane Connections in UK and Uganda.

Crested Crane Connections (CCC) was launched as a catalyst for trade and investment for businesses aiming to work in East African markets. CCC’s stronghold is in Uganda where Julius Mugabo, hails from. Kampala born Julius is also a British National and it was in the UK where he met ian Thomas, co director of CCC, an international businessman with 40 years experience. Today, the dynamic partnership is the premier independent Ugandan market intelligence, advisory and business consultancy, with a focus on serving UK companies by connecting them to local businesses and opportunities in Uganda and neighbouring markets. 

“With a base in both UK and Uganda, CCC is positioned to provide practical assistance, advice and support for investors or exporters on the ground” says Ian. Part of our service is opening up access to our business networks both in the public and private sectors of these exciting, developing economies”. 

“Our partnership approach to business means we can save clients significant time and money” reports Ian. Many projects have a prerequisite for local content and understandably so. This often means international firms are required to partner with a company from East Africa. CCC has this local knowledge. The due diligence is effectively done.

What type of industries and projects do CCC tend to focus on? “Companies often want different things although Uganda’s energy market is taking off and there’s many pockets of opportunities such as agriculture and manufacturing” states Julius. “We’re here to support companies with mapping their entry and business strategies across a multitude of sectors”. 

Importantly, CCC creates strategies that not only drive long term growth and profit but also help solve local problems, which can stimulate local job creation. “We recently assisted a company in South Africa with the recruitment of a local Ugandan representative in the African real estate industry. As an agile consultancy, we can tailor our service directly to clients reeds”, says Julius. 

Crested Crane Connections provide:

-Local Representation

-Content compliance

-Market Research

-Business Development

-Due diligence 

– Sourcing partnerships

-Finding the right local personnel

-Premises and Property search 

-Sourcing trusted professional service providers 

-Attending local meetings and negotiations

-Import/Export advice

-Any other bespoke assignments

For more information, please contact: 

Julius Mugabo


Tel: UK/WhatsApp +44(0)737 596 1307    Uganda +256(0)706 878 393

Ian Thomas:


Tel: +44(0)787 967 6435