The Reopening of Africa – Everything You Need To Know About African Work Permits Post-Covid

On the 13 October 2020 we hosted The Reopening of Africa – everything you need to know about Africa work permits post-covid in collaboration with our members Xpatweb.

Panelists include Tarissa Wareley, Head of Africa Desk, and Zainab Bouziane, Immigration Consultant, who will unpack the Africa Permit Impact Survey results and further guide discussions on general immigration concerns, how companies are best responding to them, as well as key solutions for Government Departments with regards to expats who need to travel for work-related purposes.
This webinar also features ASBN members in Kenya, AMENA Africa Ltd to further guide attendees in real immigration issues.


Watch the online event here:



Unit G16, Old Castle Brewery Building
6 Beach Rd
Cape Town

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