Energy Tech Event Series 2022
Energy Tech Event Series 2022
Yes, we’re the team behind an energy industry conference. Energy is the largest shared economy between Scotland and Africa. It’s also the most critical and important industry in terms of shaping a just, healthy and prosperous world for us all. You’re most welcome to get involved with us in 2022 and beyond.

The African and Scottish markets are saturated with energy industry events and platforms. ASBN spotted an opportunity to focus a conference on the technologies driving energy transition and a green energy future.

Energy Tech Event Series was launched virtually in July 2021 in partnership with Scottish Development International. 

The 5 part conference was a hit! Beautifully branded, top industry speakers from government to multinationals to energy innovators and an exciting event format held over 5 weeks contributed to the inaugural conference’s success.

We welcomed 350 participants in the energy sectors from 16 countries. Speakers from both sides of the equator included: 

  • Solariskit – Dundee, Scotland (ASBN member)
  • Safer Training – Aberdeen
  • Scotland (ASBN member)
  • Vertical Motives – Carnoustie, Scotland (ASBN member)
  • KLM Air France Group – Netherlands (ASBN member)
  • Riiot Digital, Glasgow, Scotland (ASBN member)
  • Naijalink, Lagos, Nigeria (ASBN member)
  • SARETEC – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Zynq360 – Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Coeus Energy – Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Scottish Renewables – Scotland
  • Scottish Enterprise, Scotland
  • Bill Ireland, Logan Energy, Scotland
  • Net Zero Tech Centre – Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Climate Innovation Centre – Lagos, Nigeria

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