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  • Contact person: Laura Ferguson
  • Industry: Professional consultancy
  • Description:

Laura is a seasoned international leader with a proven track record in delivering people-centred transformation and change.

With a strong foundation in management consulting, international business, and executive coaching, Laura consistently demonstrates her ability to engage with internal and external stakeholders, drive positive outcomes and navigate complex business environments.

Her track record in driving performance improvement and improved productivity was ably demonstrated in her last role as UK Regional Director of Trade and Investment in the Commonwealth Caribbean where she oversaw a 122% increase in productivity and a 20% improvement across all trade metrics.

Having led teams in UK, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, Laura brings a wealth of international experience to her roles.  Now based in South Africa, Laura is using her business development skills to assist small Scottish distilleries to attract investment while promoting Africa as an export opportunity market. In addition she has offered business consultancy services for SME’s who are looking to professionalise their offerings, improve their business planning and tighten their management processes.  Her decades of experience in employee engagement and business transformation, combined with her previous leadership and consulting experience, position her as an ideal partner for companies looking to expand their reach, clarify their business proposition and better engage their stakeholders.