Business Name: ION GEO

Industry: Maritime, Ports and Harbours

Description: ION is an innovative, asset light global technology company that delivers powerful tools to foster data-driven decision-making for the offshore energy, ports, and defence industries. At ION we create value through data capture, analysis, and optimization to enhance critical decision-making abilities.

Marlin is a software solution that combines temporal planning and spatial awareness. The platform uses real-time data to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs & environmental impact, and to strengthen overall safety performance. Marlin is a scalable, data-driven solution providing practical tools that provide functional insights suitable for all types of maritime operations and logistics.

Marlin Smart Port addresses the complexity of port operational performance allowing users to monitor their activities and plan movements safely and more efficiently. Marlin SmartPort is a modular cloud-based solution that digitalizes port processes, streamlines administration and increases operational efficiency.  The Marlin SmartPort platform is visible to all key stakeholders across the system, as well as other service providers, who may need to plan, visualize, schedule, and communicate in order to optimize activities during a port call.

Country: United Kingdom