Meet our founding member Lisa Bathurst, CEO of Hurst &Wills

Meet founding member Lisa Bathurst, CEO of Hurst & Wills.

Hailing from Lancashire but residing in Cape Town, Lisa is the founder of Hurst & Wills, an independent offshore property advisory connecting South African investors with personalised  property investment solutions in the UK and Europe. They have just expanded their offering to include in a Scottish property projects in Glasgow and Edinburgh to their portfolio.

The process of buying investment property overseas can be overwhelming. Not having local knowledge and insight, complicated tax and visa regulations are a few of the potential challenges. Seasoned property investor, Lisa Bathurst, has made it her business to assist foreign buyers negotiate the hurdles of purchasing property abroad, whether they’re South African buying in Europe or the UK, or foreign nationals buying in Cape Town. Over the years this tenacious and hard-working business woman has made her mark on the property market by offering a differentiated, bespoke service which meets the specific needs of the client.

To find out more about Lisa’s business or to enquire about property investments, please visit or email Lisa’s business development manager