ASBN & SDI Webinar – Partnering for Impact

On 2 June 2020 we hosted the Partnering for Impact webinar in partnership with Scottish Enterprise.

Home to the world’s largest free trade area, an abundance of natural resources and some of its fastest growing economies, Africa has great potential to improve the livelihoods of its 1.3 billion people.

With a median age of under 20 years, young Africans post COVID 19 could be empowered to embrace opportunities in energy, technology, healthcare, reform education and ramp up local manufacturing to advance their wellbeing. Scotland’s expertise and innovation is well positioned to help future proof Africa’s potential and realise the enormous possibilities of this rich, majestic continent.

This webinar will provide an overview and valuable insights into the ‘shared economies’ of Scotland and African nations with a view to host industry specific webinars going forward:

  • Oil & gas, energy transition and renewable energy
  • Education – TVET and E & M learning
  • Public health – E Healthcare and improved health care systems, including pandemic response equipment
  • Manufacturing – consulting to enhance local industry & reduce reliance on imports
  • Technology and consultation
  • Agriculture – managed farming and food distribution


Andrew Monaghan, Regional Head Africa at SDI and Ian Ross, Energy and Africa specialist at SDI are joined by Dr Jenna Ross and Claire Alexander from Africa Scotland Business Network. The speakers will share their positive outlook for Africa and showcase how Scottish companies already creating real impact in African markets. The discussion will explore the emerging opportunities for Scottish companies looking to expand their footprint in Africa as well as case studies of how SDI and ASBN are using their public / private partnership to effectively assist companies large and small achieve market entry into Africa.


Unit G16, Old Castle Brewery Building
6 Beach Rd
Cape Town

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